Hello Lipstick Diary Lovers 😀

We have come to rescue YOU from your MID-WEEK slump with a winter FASHION insert [which is much like a shooting star far & few, as we live in our SWEATS 99.9% of our ‘FREE’ time hidden under a blanket] ready for you to FEAST your eyes on. What we have realised is that in WINTER you shouldn’t be fussy however neither can you be PLAIN ol’ boring, hence why we perfected the PRACTICAL fashionable approach to dressing during this beautiful season.

Let’s be honest when we are indoors [unless you live in a FREEZER] we are much cosier than being outside braving the cold so there are very few layers required, but when you do have to step out for a bit [even if it is JUST to the car] the layers increase a tad bit more, especially if it happens to be one of those COLD front weekends, I mean you could end up bringing out those FAUX fur pieces!

Thankfully for us we were on our way to the ‘Paul Mitchell’ LAUNCH which was to be held indoors so there was no need for the FUR [even though it was in the middle of a COLD FRONT] but definitely a need for some CAMERA action. We both decided to channel a STYLISHLY-casual look for a change & tone it down a NOTCH as opposed to how we normally dress for launches [only launches…don’t be FOOLED].

P opted for a CHIQUE denim blue & white combo for the evening which exudes CLASSIC vibes. She paired her faded blue figure HUGGING jeans with a plain white jersey, a LONG pale blue CHIFFON throw over & sleek black peep-toe BOOTIES [such a BABE]!

I on the other hand [as GOTHIC as my look may seem] was going for a more ARTSY disposition. My look had ARTIST written all over it [well so I think] with a black fitted polar neck jersey paired with my graphite GREY jeggings, a cut-off colourful cotton vest to go over & my chunky MAROON wedges; in hindsight we were dressed pretty darn CUTE for this wintery night!

What can we say other then winter we LOVE you.

Hopefully you enjoyed this post & took a 5 minute breather if anything else. We hope your week goes as quickly as the weekend disappeared.

PEACE, love, light & lipstick always <3

Me (right): Black Polar Neck- H&M | Jeggings- Bershka (Zara) | Heels: H&M | Long Vest: Mr Price | Lipstick Shade- Miss Mauve by Yardley

 P (left): White Jersey- Mango | Jeans- H&M | Peep-Toe Boots: Topshop | Pale Long Sleeve Throw: Mr Price | Lipstick Shade- Whirl by MAC


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