If YOU know me personally YOU knows that I am completely obsessed with TEA but more specifically rooibos tea. Be it rain or sunshine, sick or completely fabulous I make myself a steamy pot of ROOIBOS tea with some HONEY [no milk]. This trait – I learnt from my mother & guess who constantly gets ridiculed by friends when I order a pot of ROOIBOS on a NIGHT out?!

[Send HELP please]

… because I LOVE ROOIBOS tea <3

My one guilty pleasure [when I have an ENTIRE day to relax] is going to EXCLUSIVE books in HYDE Park & ordering myself a vanilla or orange infused ROOIBOS tea while lounging on a COMFY couch as I get consumed by an ENTIRE book of my choice [YES, I manage to do this sometimes].

So NOW you can understand the excitement when WE got to be one of the 1st people to try the NEW & improved JOKO original ROOIBOS tea [CAFFEINE free] which is richly flavoured & delicious. I confess that I have pretty much wiped out half of the box & continue to drink tea ALL day! Quite surprised at how aromatic & deeply flavoured their ROOIBOS tea is – they could definitely compete with some of the imported tea brands on the market.

Aside from its calming & relaxing properties – there are scientifically proven facts that TEA has a positive impact on YOU emotionally & physically [basically a WIN-WIN situation].

You just can’t go wrong – SO when in doubt my FRIENDS grab a book & drink TEA [JOKO Rooibos Tea] !!!

Thank you JOKO for allowing us to DRINK some of the finer things in life [aside from WINE].



One thought on “MY CUP OF | TEA”

  1. Hey there “Rooibos Lover” , I second you in the great qualities of this amazing shrub. Unlike the other teas brands the Rooibos tea is only unique to Southern Africa. Mind you they tried growing this “RedBush Tea” in other countries BUT with no success. So the Rooi bos tea grower can breath easy. I also not so fond of tea so much feels that the tea quality in not the same anymore like most of the other product of yester years , eg. tennis biscuits , royal creams etc. Quality and taste has changed. Any way welcome back.

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