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I would like to welcome you all to my very FIRST online BLOG POST & YES! I am extremely excited & nervous at the same time, to be sharing this with all of YOU -> [probably NO ONE right now] but hopefully someday someone may stumble across my blog & if anything else it makes them smile. However if an actual LIVING person other than myself is in fact reading this I sincerely hope you find this a relatable space, a HOME away from REALITY.

What makes The Lipstick Diary different?

Well my entire vision behind it [other than to SHARE my PERSPECTIVE about what goes on in my COLOURFUL HEAD] was to create an AUTHENTIC space where anyone could participate, by this I mean the ability for YOU to give your input in respect to IDEAS [without any hesitation] for future blog posts or to personally WRITE a piece for the blog if you believe it’s topical, current or even slightly controversial, so long as its RESPECTFUL, RELATABLE & TASTEFUL. I believe that by taking this approach it will create a dialogue [opposed to me talking AT you] & allow me to get to know you all, because I want to be as approachable & personable as possible.

From my side I would like to delve into a little bit of everything from FASHION to TRAVEL, to what’s happening on the news [Mzanzi News not just E-NEWS].

This is THE journey & I hope you stay tuned to what happens NEXT [Argh! thanks to EXAMS it may take a while but please BARE with me].

CHEERS to a Great Future & many Friendships ! I wish you all PEACE, LOVE & LIGHT.


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