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Happy GOOD Friday ALL 🙂

We trust you are going to have an epic WEEKEND ahead; kicking off those HEELS & relaxing. Most people are going away & we have noticed a lot of people taking their VACAYS over the seas & FAR away… I guess it’s OFF-PEAK season which is the absolute PERFECT time to find yourself an ISLAND to beach it out [as WINTER slowly approaches back HOME in South Africa]! Continue reading TAKE US | DRESSED | UP

LIVIN’ | HAPPY | IN 2017

HAPPY NEW YEAR beautiful people 😀

We hope you are all having a blessed YEAR thus far, keeping the MOREL high & sticking to those infamous RESOLUTIONS one makes [or NOT] in their HOPEFUL moments.

Forgive us for the LATE wishes from the blogosphere but WE were just trying to SOAK in all the relaxation time we could, which technically spilt over into the New Year & now just LOOK at how time flies! We’re sitting in the MIDDLE of February. Continue reading LIVIN’ | HAPPY | IN 2017


Hi Everyone 🙂 ,

I hope you are all having a positive week thus far & if that’s not the case here is ONE reason to put a SMILE on your DIAL … CHRISTMAS is right around the corner [IF the MALLS haven’t made it that obvious to you YET] & for those of you who are celebrating DIWALI [Hindu Festival of lights] it’s in 2/ 3 days & we wish you all a PROSPOROUS & joyous CELEBRATION with your families. Continue reading | RAGING | HOT