Yesterday … Today … & what tomorrow?!

This is a RANT, MY rant, HER rant, OUR rant – this should be SOUTH AFRICA’s rant.

Sitting at my desk at work I took a break to scroll on my news feed & as I scrolled I was horrified to discover that a young lady who had been kidnapped just over a week ago [that I have been following on the news & praying for since her disappearance] had been found raped, murdered & dumped.

One [MALE] had ignorantly said, “well this happens every day in this country & as harsh as this may be for now, this is normal…” – well my friend, a woman going to the post office to pick up a package during the day who gets raped & murdered in broad day light – tell me again HOW IS THIS NORMAL?

The only part that is ACCURATE is that women […& children] are being targeted & killed every single day in South Africa with nothing being done about it. And doing something as mundane as going to the post office has now become a point of fear & anxiety for every single FEMALE in this country [whether she knows it or not].

I now FEEL my FATHER’s fears & anxiety now more than ever [as much as it seemed like he was always being unreasonable & paranoid]. I GET IT, I now understand what he meant when he said that I will only realise HIS fears when I have CHILDREN & feel the anxiety he lives with daily having a wife & two daughters living in this country. BUT there is only so much we can do & precautions we can take – also SAFE places are no longer so safe.

How do WE shed some “light” on something so dark? Does a FEMALE have to die [in the public eye] in order for there to be an outcry for change? Do you know that every 24 seconds a women is RAPED in South Africa & FEMICIDE in South Africa is 5 times higher than the global rates? Gender based Violence should be declared as a state of emergency NOW! Where are you MR President?    

I am also well aware of the outpour on social media [from majority of my fellow FEMALES] & that the spotlight on this particular woman has been ‘trending’ more so since yesterday. I think to myself as I write this, did she have to endure all that PAIN for NOTHING? Or did her passing help IGNITE this DO or DIE movement we are now seeing come to light?

NO, none of this should be in vain!!! We will cry, we will talk, we will share & we will converse about this […& all the other atrocities FEMALES face on a daily basis] until ‘they’ get sick of us & someone “HIGH UP” actually listens & does something. This should not STOP until we are acknowledged & there is change. The circumstances surrounding Nene’s death gives us a right to demand JUSTICE & change that will positively impact our WOMEN & innocent children’s future going forward. We need to stand together [males & FEMALES] with ONE VOICE – we need to come together for our WOMEN because they are being killed in the numbers.

Our MEN need to step up & stand up for us. Sitting quiet while your MALE friend makes inappropriate comments about HER or boasts about getting HER even though you can visibly see SHE is uncomfortable is possibly FURTHERING & committing a CRIME too. It’s time to hold each other ACCOUNTABLE. We shouldn’t need to ask to be protected, something as VILE as this should not need to happen to makes YOU aware of the “world & reality” us FEMALES are currently living in.

The PAIN our WOMEN in our COUNTRY are feeling right now is evident & has opened up old/ current WOUNDS. This has brought me back to a time in my life I worked so very hard to forget & again I feel sick to my stomach [I hope to SHARE my experience one day]. I have cried for women I don’t know, I have cried for the women in my life that I do know & I cry for those children who are innocent & have to grow up in this cruel world.

So in case you were wondering why I feel like I owe it to Uyinene [the beautiful young lady dumped as if she was worthless & disposable] to continue the conversation & speak up about FEMICIDE? Well now you know, it’s for HER, it’s for ME & it’s for YOU … as well as all the WOMEN who could unknowingly end up just like HER [trust me I know it could be #ME2].

There is now a MASS movement countrywide to put a STOP to the VIOLENT crimes experienced by WOMEN. What can you do to help/support:

1. read the stories of the victims [I have added screen shots for the most recent ones below];

2. sign all the petitions;

3. educate yourself about ‘femicide’ and ‘gender based violence’ in South Africa; and

4. attend the scheduled marches in & around your city.

I pray for those affected & hurting during this time. All I wish for is PEACE & calm [one day] in the hearts of all WOMEN in South Africa.

PEACE, love & light always <3





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