[PART 1]- We just want to start off by saying that we are incredibly GRATEFUL for the continued love & support [thankfully by not unfollowing or unsubscribing] of our mini-brand TLD. As much as we have been slightly active on our Instagram & Facebook we have definitely taken a STEP back to ‘rest’ & figure out where we are going with our BABY blog. It is very important for us to know that we are adding VALUE on all platforms & creating quality content [over quantity] for our followers but also the brands we decide to work alongside. Also this post comes with a MIXTURE of messages & emotions which we decided not to compartmentalise in various POSTS but to ‘SPEW’ whatever comes to mind [GUESS what?! no way is the right way after all]. Continue reading BEGIN AGAIN | REBIRTH


We have finally completed the much anticipated ‘PART 2’ of the ‘I DO’ series.

This post is for all the LADIES who are facing the daunting CHALLENGE of finding the PERFECT person(s) to do your HAIR & MAKE-UP. I am almost certain that you did not think that this part of the planning would be this difficult until you got to this section of your TICK-list [if you don’t have a LIST by now PLEASE stop what you are doing & draw one up]. Continue reading MARILYN BEAUTY | P2



After being asked a million times, we have DECIDED that it would be a great edition to the BLOG if “I” did a WEDDING series for all the upcoming BRIDES & GROOMS. Mainly because I understand the various frustrations [which may or may not include a BUDGET] & the insane pressure you feel to PLEASE everyone [while forgetting about yourself]!

Well I am here to SAVE you [in a big or SMALL way] by setting out the BIG stuff, the special stuff & the very insignificant aspects in the planning of YOUR big day.

Continue reading THE HERTFORD | P1


Hey Everyone 😀

We know that we have been SUPER scarce but LIFE’s been a little bit crazy this time of year [work wise] but hopefully it subsides really soon or else we may loose our MARBLES in the process.

EVENTS have been on a high towards the latter half of the YEAR so we can be found mingling with some off S.A’s incredible talent when we aren’t ADULTING during the day. Continue reading TRES | CHIQUE